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Show Preparation


These are animals that have for the most part been raised entirely in captivity. They have been handled since birth and have been kept domestically for the duration of their existence. They enjoy human interaction and playtime but are still animals. They may poop, scratch, wriggle and even bite unexpectedly or if they feel threatened. We are proud to say we have never had an incident or accident with any of our cast or audience members. We always exercise the utmost in precaution and safety measures but we ask that anyone who is uncomfortable with this; not to handle or pose with any of the animals. We always strive to meet any requests but unfortunately we are not always able to guarantee specific animals.


 -We require a parking space no more than 25 feet from the entrance of the party location, this helps us to make a safe, secure transfer and set up of all our animals.


-We ask that you provide a presentation space (educator, animals, table and set up) of approximately 15' x 15' free of obstructions or furniture.


-We will require 15 - 20 minutes set up time, your assistance in keeping children and adults clear is greatly appreciated. It helps us set up more efficiently and it keeps the types of animals a surprise for your guests.


-We will provide hand sanitizer to keep germs away from both children and animals but we ask that you prepare a hand washing area for your guests. All hands most be cleaned every time before and after handling any of our animals. 


- These animals are from tropical locations and most of them require significant warmth. We ask that indoor presentations are held in an area heated above 74F/23C.


-The room can't be cooler than 74F/23C or the animals won't be warm enough to be awake and alert for you and your guests.


-Outside parties are dependent on good weather and temps above 74 F/23C.  


-We hold the right to end the presentation without monetary or show reimbursement at any time should we feel the animals health are at risk due to factors beyond or control; unruly guests, low temps, etc.

 (we are proud to have never had to cancel a show).


-As party host you will be required to have all party attendants sign the provided waiver stating they are aware of the dangers and risks associated with handling or being near the exotic animals. As such they will not hold Canadian Reptile Adventures or any of its affiliates liable in any way for any injury, loss or damages. 


-Reservations require a 50% deposit to confirm. This deposit can be paid via credit card, cash or email money transfer. Reservations are confirmed upon receipt. All final payments are made and finalized before the beginning of the show set up. 

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.






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