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Mighty Monitors - 225

Mighty monitors show features 14 animals that are small to extra large in size.

Our focus is still sharing cool facts and interesting habits about these incredible animals but this show features the LARGEST animals. 


Audience members will get to meet Tokyo the Giant Gentle lizard. He's over feet long and weighs more than a small dog!!!

Mighty Monitors is by far our most captivating and exhilarating show. We focus sharing even more interesting facts while still letting everyone see and touch these 14 incredible animals. There's much BIGGER animals in this show and they are guaranteed to fascinate and captivate audiences of all ages.

Watch us hand feed this small dinosaur, you wont believe just how gentle and intelligent this big baby really is.

Meet Tokyo the Gentle Giant, he's almost 30lbs!!

Exotic animals include: small to large sized lizards, tarantulas, frogs, tortoises and snakes (non venomous). 

You are allowed to have up to 30 participants* 

*participant - guest who is participating in the show by handling and or petting the animals during the party.

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