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We began producing our feeders as a way of ensuring steady access to the highest quality food source available. Our colonies are fed a diet of food pellets, supplemented with fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains (including but not limited to sunflower, corn, barley, rolled oats and wheat for a well rounded and nutritious diet. Our rats are raised in a year round climate controlled environment and are monitored remotely via temperature sensors and our two way audio video system. Our final step to ensure the best possible care and nutrition is to provide an ALL NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC & VITAMIN supplement into their diet to help boost their immune system. All these things help to ensure our animals and our clients animals receive the highest quality food that we can produce. We believe that pets are part of the family and family always deserves the best.

Why buy feeders from us?  In one word...  QUALITY

                                      It's simple

Prepay your monthly order with and you'll save time and money

You'll never be caught without live feeders again, we guarantee.


     We offer doorstep delivery for only $20*   


         Sizes            Single            Bulk (+12)       Prepaid (+48)**

                             LIVE FEEDER RATS ONLY                     

          Pinky             $2.00                $1.75                 $1.50

          Fuzzy             $2.75                $2.25                $2.00      

          Pup                $3.50                $3.00                $2.85   

          Wean             $3.75                $3.50                $3.25

          Small             $4.75                $4.25                $3.85

          Med               $6.50                $6.25                $6.00


          We don't currently offer frozen feeders               

Quality Live ASF Rat feeder rates

We now offer delivery to your doorstep for only $20*  

                              Sizes                 Prepaid (+48)***

                              Pinky                         $2.00

                              Fuzzy                         $2.25

                              Pup                            $2.75 

                              Wean                         $3.00

                              Small                         $3.25

                              Medium                    $4.00



*$20 Doorstep delivery applies to the G.T.A and parts of Halton Region. Further mileage may apply        
   for deliveries of greater distances. Delivery charge is applied per delivery, not per order.
**Prepaid Order Minimum: 12 feeders per week for 4 weeks. Invoice must be paid in full upon delivery of    
      the first weeks order. ALL PREPAID ORDERS ARE GUARANTEED.
***A.S.F rats are only available through our per-order program.
Please contact us for more info. All prices are subject to change without notice. 
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