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Habitat Set Up - $1\Gallon by volume

Finished Set Up
Finished Set Up
Got a new exotic pet but you're not too sure how to set up its habitat? Let us take out the guess work out of all the specific temperature gradients & humidity levels.
 We'll clean up all the mess that comes with a new habitat set up. With over 20 years experience raising & caring for exotic animals, we save you lots of money and aggravation by avoiding costly mistakes. We turn your terrariums into  a piece of art that your pet can thrive in and you can enjoy care free. Weekly maintenance available as well.
Price is determined by the number of gallons the aquarium/terrarium holds - plus supply costs (decor,lights,hides, etc) if we provide the decor. Should you wish to avoid additional charges you may source the provided supplies recommended at no additional charge.
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