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Common Questions

Are the animals friendly?

All of the animals that participate in the show are extremely friendly.

Where are you located ?


We operate throughout Peel, Hamilton, Halton and the surrounding GTA. We are always happy to travel outside these areas for shows as required. Please inquire with us

for more information.





Will I get pooped on?

Although it is possible we are proud to say that an audience member has never been "pooped on" to date... our presenters however are not always so fortunate...

Do they bite?


All the animals that participate in the shows have been raised in captivity and are used to daily interactions with humans, but they are still animals and are capable of biting and or scratching. We are proud to say that we have never had an animal react negatively at a show.

How old does my child need to be?

We do not restrict our shows to any particular age group. We do recommend that the children be able to answer basic questions for an interactive learning experience.

Do I have to participate?

We encourage all audience members to participate in the shows and interact with these amazing creatures, but it is not a requirement.


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