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Opening eyes to the wonders of reptiles


Release of Liability Waiver


For the purpose of this release, the company, presenters and animals will be referred to as “Canadian Reptile Adventures” for the duration of this document and apply to any and all staff members and animals.

Canadian Reptile Adventures brings a lively experience to both young and old through the exhibit of several species of the animal kingdom. Exhibits are intertwined with a variety of interesting facts about each species. The types of animals on exhibit can vary from show to show and may include but are not limited to captive bred arachnids, non-venomous snakes including Boas, Ball Pythons, small to large size lizards such as, bearded dragon, chameleons, monitors, and tegus.


I hereby acknowledge that I am the legal parent or guardian of the child _______________________and that I                                                                                                                    (First and last name of child)

voluntarily allow the child to participate in exhibit activities led by Canadian Reptile Adventures scheduled for the date

of ________________. I am aware that there are inherent risks and hazards involved in activities with and around animals, and I am voluntarily allowing the child to participate in these activities with knowledge of potential dangers.

I am aware that any animal, regardless of training, handling, or environmental circumstance, is capable of biting, scratching and or defecating. I expressly acknowledge the risks therein. I am also aware that arachnids and other animals can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in some children and adults and hereby release Canadian Reptile Adventures from responsibility regarding such.


In order to allow the child to participate in Canadian Reptile Adventure activities, I, being fully informed of such risks and hazards, agree to assume all risks of such occurrences. I expressly release the right to sue, and or hold accountable in anyway Canadian Reptile Adventures or its owners for any cause, notwithstanding, by signing below, I/we agree as follows:


TO HEREBY RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE Canadian Reptile Adventures from any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with this child’s participation in the event, how so ever caused, notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligent or careless acts of Canadian Reptile Adventures or by the party/exhibit/show host.


IN WITNESS OF, I/WE ______________________ have executed this agreement in on the ____ Day of ___________ .

                                (First and last name of host)                                                        (Date)               (Month)


Print name____________________________________ PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN                      

Signature_____________________________________ PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN

Print Name___________________________________  PARTY HOST

Signature____________________________________  PARTY HOST


2010 - present

2010 - present

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