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Class Pet Program 98.75 per Month

Enjoy the experiences while avoiding all the messy set-up and long term commitment associated with purchasing a class pet. We can be contacted 24/7 for questions or emergencies.

Complete natural habitats in your classroom.

Expand your lesson plan with hands on learning with our naturalistic habitats. Animals in nature are something that children and adults enjoy looking at and learning about. What better way to learn about animals then to study them while thriving in their habitat? Everyone can learn from our miniature ecosystems;  in the comfort and safety of the classroom. 

A terrarium in class is an innovative way for children to learn about nature, life cycles and the challenges of the animals that inhabit them. No matter the grade, subject, or season, having live animals in a terrarium helps to create the calm, tranquil atmosphere that is helpful in a learning environment.

*Rental terms are 4 month periods or greater.

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