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        Reptile Class - 140

"Reptile Class" is a show that is designed specifically for schools, camps and educational settings. It lasts 45 minutes and has 15 animals from small to extra large in size. 

See 15 different animals in a single day without ever having to leave the classroom. We guarantee this show to not just be an educational one but rather one that you and your students will be discussing for months to come. Let us bring Canadian Reptile Adventures to your classroom and the animals will capture your hearts and expand your imaginations.

Book your first  classroom for $140 and each additional classroom is only $45

Exotic animals include: small to large sized lizards, tarantulas, frogs, tortoises and snakes (non venomous). 

You are allowed to have up to 35 participants per classroom* - $45 per show for additional classrooms.

*participant - guest who is participating in the show by handling and or petting the animals during the party. 

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